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Ride Schedule From 04/28/17 Thru 06/27/17

Pace Table
RIDE PACE Casual Moderate Fast (F+)Fast Plus  Very Fast  (V+)Very Fast Plus 
10-12 mph 13-15 mph 15-17 mph 17-20 mph 20+ mph 22+ mph
Unless a Remote Start is listed, Winter Rides start at:
  ♦ Weekends & HolidaysPanera Bread, 1199 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette.
Do NOT park in the Panera parking lot.  On weekends, parking is available in the Metra lot along Poplar Drive to the south.
 ♦ Weekdays - Panera Bread, 1199 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette.
Rides will not take place if there is snow or ice on the surface of the road, or if it's raining or snowing.
Don't forget to check Weekly Rides for regular recurring rides and Rides Forum for rides added, changed, or canceled at the last minute!
 Click here for: Ride sign-in sheet for ride leader.
 Details:Yes  No   Pace:  Include:60 Days Rest All From: 
Date Time/Miles Pace Destination~Leader
04/29 Sat 9:00 AM
60             F/F+
Century Training #2: Cuba Road ~ Jeff Miller (F), Melissa Gatuso (F+)
60   This is the second of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride

We will ride along the rolling hills of Cuba Road, beyond Cuba Marsh to Ela Rd, then stop at Long Grove for lunch on the way back.

Jeff Miller will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Melissa Gatuso will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
04/30 Sun 9:00 AM
20             Any
Improve Your Riding Skills ~ Joanne Davis/Sharon Kaminecki
Has your bike riding been limited to riding on the bike path?  Are your cycling skills a little rusty after the winter? Whether you are a novice bike rider or a hard-core commuter this educational presentation and ride will sharpen your bicycle skills. This will be a mini bicycle drivers education for you and your bike.  No matter how well you think you can ride a bike there are basic skills you can practice that will help you be safer and more confident on the street, road, or path. 

Sharon and Joanne, League Cycling Instructors, will demonstrate proper bike handling techniques, road safety, and best group riding practices. Participants will then have a chance to practice these skills with a casual ride.  This is a great way to get ready for all of the riding you'll be doing this summer!

04/30 Sun 9:00 AM
24             C
Park Ridge ~ John Burger/Joyce Riffer
04/30 Sun 9:00 AM
Advanced Cycling Clinic ~ Cons Gattuso
Come join a cycling clinic sponsored by the Chicago Women Elite Cycling group (CWEC). This clinic will include bike handling, safety, and group riding skills. The CWEC includes National and Olympic caliber cyclist and promotes women's involvement in bicycle racing. More information on the organization can be found here .
05/06 Sat 9:00 AM
20             M
Back by Noon / Super H - Remote: Chandler ~ Jack Weiss
Remote Start:  Chandler Center, 1028 Central St, Evanston
This is an easy ride to Niles with a rest/food stop at the Super H, a wonderful Korean food market.  Bring your backpacks so you can take home fresh seafood, vegetables, or dumplings.  We’ll travel on quiet streets for the most part, and the North Branch Trail.  Back by noon, unless you shop too long.
05/06 Sat 9:00 AM
70             F/F+
Century Training #3: Gurnee ~ Jeff Miller (F), Brian Montigney (F+)
70  This is the third of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride.
We will take an indirect route to Gurnee, passing Almond Marsh and catching a distant glimpse of the roller coasters at Six Flags.  Lunch will be at the Avalon restaurant in Gurnee.

Jeff Miller will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Brian Montigney will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
05/07 Sun 7:30 AM
60             M
C.E.R.T.'s Pancake Breakfast Ride in Lake Zurich ~ Dana Taylor
  We'll ride out to Lake Zurich for an all you can eat pancake breakfast.  For only $7 you get fluffy pancakes, sausages, muffins, coffee, juice and more!  There will also be a silent auction, raffles and music.  All proceeds go to support CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) of South Lake County.
05/07 Sun 8:00 AM
65             F
C.E.R.T.'s Pancake Breakfast Ride in Lake Zurich ~ Jeff Miller
  Prior to breakfast, we will do a few of the rollers on Cuba Road, circle Honey Lake and ride around the north side of Lake Zurich.  At mile 37, we will stop at the CERT Pancake Breakfast in Lake Zurich.  This is an all you can eat event for $7.00 per person.  The menu includes fluffy pancakes, sausages, muffins, coffee, juice and more!  There will be a silent auction, raffles and music.  All proceeds go to support CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) of South Lake County serving Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, Lake Zurich and Ela Township - all communities we frequently ride through.
05/07 Sun 9:00 AM
50             M
Forest Home Cemetery ~ Neal Ney
Join me for a moderately paced 50-mile ride to Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park.  We'll take a slow turn through the Cemetery stopping to look at the Haymarket Monument, Emma Goldman's grave, and the famed Dissenter's Row.
05/10 Wed 8:30 AM
37             M
Second Presbyterian Church/Conservation Update - $ ~ Joanne Davis
Second Presbyterian Church/Conservation Update
Second Presbyterian Church is one of Chicago's architectural gems. The Prairie Ave industrialists (Pullman, Cobb, Blackstone and Armour) were members here. Architect James Renwick designed the Gothic Revival exterior and Howard Van Doren Shaw and Frederic Clay Bartlett redesigned the interior in the Arts and Crafts taste. In addition to the original interior fixtures and murals, memorial windows made by William Morris & Company, Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company, enhance the Church's interior. In 2013, Second Presbyterian Church was designated a National Historic Landmark in recognition of its Arts and Crafts interior. Please join us in visiting this historically significant architectural treasure.
We will have a private tour with docent and a fee (TBD) will be required.  Lunch will be at Eleven City Diner   on Wabash at 11th Street.
Back by 3PM
05/13 Sat 8:00 AM
80             F/F+
Century Training #4: Almost Algonquin via Cuba Rd ~ Will Heelan (F), Melissa Gatuso (F+)
80   Let's go forth for the fourth of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride.
This is a beautiful ride out to Barrington Hills.  There are nice rolling hills on Cuba Road and a few steeper hills in Barrington Hills.  We also ride by several small scenic lakes.

Will Heelan will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Melissa Gatuso will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
05/16 Tue 9:00 AM
45             M
Dutch Windmill in Elmhurst ~ Neal Ney
We will ride to the oldest windmill in Illinois located in Mt Emblem Cemetery in Elmhurst.
05/16 Tue 7:30 PM
Club Meeting: TOPIC TO BE DETERMINED ~ Shel Orkin
05/17 Wed 7:00 PM
10             C
Ride of Silence - REMOTE: Wheel & Sprocket ~ Dave Barish
Evanston will again participate in the International Ride of Silence, on May 17th at 7 pm. On this date, riders all over the world will ride in silence to remember riders who have been injured or killed on the roads and to support cyclists and cycling.
Remote Start: Wheel & Sprocket, 1027 Davis, Evanston.
Please be at Wheel and Sprocket before 7 so we can all  talk before we silently leave on the 11 mile ride. Wheel and Sprocket will host us for some refreshments after the  ride.  If you are riding home you will need a light as it will be dark by the time we are done. Need a light? You can get one at the shop. Rides all over the world leave at 7pm to honor and remember people injured or killed on the road.  There is a listing for the ride at Ride of Silence- Evanston.  Come ride with us. This will be at a very casual pace. If you want to ride but are not near Evanston at 7 pm, you can try one of the other Rides of Silence in the Chicago area.  They are also listed on the calendar on The Chainlink. 
05/18 Thu 9:00 AM
13             C
Explore Evanston North ~ Barbara Miller
Explore Evanston North is an 13 mile meander through northern/central Evanston along marked bike routes, bike paths and protected bike lanes with a stop at a point of interest in each of five wards.  There will be more stops than the typical EBC ride - but the last one will include food, as usual, at a downtown location.
05/20 Sat 8:00 AM
90             F/F+
Century Training #5: Volo Bog ~ Peter Glaser (F), Will Heelan (F+)
90 This is the fifth of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride. 
We're almost up to a century!  This week's century training ride takes us out to Volo Bog.   We will pick up sandwiches at Subway, picnic at Volo Bog, take a short hike around the Bog and then ride on down the road to dessert at either the Deerfield Bakery or Culver's.
Peter Glaser will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Will Heelan will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
05/20 Sat 9:00 AM
22             C
This Old Bike Ride - Remote: Bucephalus Bikes ~ Joanne Davis
 Remote Start:  Bucephalus Bikes, 1424 Lake St, Evanston
Are you still fascinated and enthralled by your old (or current) bike?  Do you experience that "knees-in-the-breeze" freedom?  Feature your old, vintage or new steed and meet at Bucephalus Bikes, where we will be treated to some retro snacks of our childhood.  (Rest assured, we couldn't find any Tang.)  Curious?  Join us as we roll out to the Corner Bakery in the Glen.
All bikes are welcome - be it your old bike, your other bike or your only bike.  Maybe it would be fun to wear or bring a vintage or sentimental item or article of clothing.  We will probably be back between 12:30 and 1 pm.  Join us on this sentimental journey.
05/21 Sun 8:00 AM
28-69       V
Arlington 500 Ride ($) - Remote: Barrington High School ~ Felix Angelov
Remote start: Barrington High School - West Parking Lot, 616 W. Main Street, Barrington, Illinois 
Details are available on the Arlington Heights Bicycle Club website -
Email Felix if you are planning to ride with us, so he can keep you updated about what time we plan to start and where to meet.
05/21 Sun 9:00 AM
20             C
Chicago Botanic Garden Paved Trail Ride! - Remote: Harms Woods ~ Bill Benjamin
Remote Start: Harms Woods - Central (Groves 3&4) parking lot, 1/2 mile north of Golf on Harms Rd.  The parking lot is adjacent to the North Branch Trail.  We will ride the North Branch Bike Trail at a casual pace to the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Stop for a short walk and a snack then return by the trail.
05/23 Tue 9:00 AM
50             M
Lake Bluff ~ Neal Ney
We'll take a scenic route through Lake Forest and Lake Bluff to lunch at the famed Bluffingtons.
05/25 Thu 9:00 AM
11             C
Explore Evanston South - Remote: Levy Center ~ Barbara Miller
Remote Start:  Levy Center, 300 Dodge Ave, Evanston
Explore Evanston South is an 11 mile meander through southern/central Evanston along marked bike routes, bike paths and protected bike lanes with a stop at a point of interest in each of six wards.  There will be more stops than the typical EBC ride - but the last one will include food, as usual, at a downtown location.
05/25 Thu 6:30 PM
25             M
Northbrook Velodrome Dinner Ride - Remote: Panera ~ Jeff Miller
EBC is sponsoring a night of racing at the Northbrook Velodrome on Thursday, May 25th.  The first race begins at 6:45 pm and the night wraps up around 9:30 or 10:00 pm.  The "showcase" races, the 5 & 10 Mile Record Attempts, are the second races of the evening and usually start about 8:15 pm.
The races on May 25th are:   ♦  Tempo (everyone)   ♦  10 Mile Record Attempt Scratch Race (Cat 1/2)   ♦  5 Mile Record Attempt Scratch Race (Cat 1/2/3 women)   ♦  1 Mile Scratch Race (all other categories)   ♦  Belgian Win & Out (everyone)
Descriptions of the different races are located here
They do not sell food at the Velodrome, but you are allowed to bring your own (no alcohol permitted).  Sunset Foods Northbrook is just down the street, as well as other restaurants.
The entrance fee is $2, but if tell them you are with EBC, you will get in for free on May 26th.  You can either bike there on the dinner ride or meet us there on your own.
If you ride to the Velodrome with the dinner ride, expect to arrive about 7:30 pm.  We'll stay for a few races and leave between 8:30 and 9:00 pm.  If we have rain, sleet or snow, the ride will be canceled.  However, dark of night is in the plans.  If you plan to ride to this event, you must have proper lighting on your bike.
Any question, contact Jeff Miller  312-354-0080
05/27 Sat 
CANCELED! NO RIDE LEADER Horsey Hundred May 27-28 ($) - Remote: Georgetown, KY ~ RIDE LEADER NEEDED!
Experience the rolling hills in Kentucky’s Bluegrass on a Bicycle! The annual Horsey Hundred will be held the weekend of May 27-28, 2017, in Georgetown, KY (just north of Lexington).  A wide variety of distance options are offered (25, 41, 62, 82,102) on Sat and several shorter routes are offered on Sunday (26, 35, 53, 75).  Cost is $65 in advance and includes a post-ride meal both days.  A limited number of dorm rooms at Georgetown College are available for $50 for Friday & Saturday night.  Some may prefer a motel in the Georgetown area for a few more creature comforts.  If you arrive early, you are invited to join one of five open rides with the Bluegrass Cycling Club on Friday, May 26th in the Lexington area.  Website for the Horsey Hundred is
The EBC Ride Leader will be riding an EBC group at Fast pace (15-17 mph) but this ride accommodates riders at all paces and distances if you prefer a different pace.
Please contact Ride Leader if you plan to participate and let them know when you plan to arrive.
05/27 Sat 8:30 AM
40             M
Lake Bluff ~ Joanne Davis
Low end of moderate pace (about 13 mph). Come join us as we journey up to Panera at Route 176.  We'll travel through the Botanic Gardens, Ridge Ave, skirting Lake Forest Hospital.  Returning via the Bike Path and Ft. Sheridan route.
05/27 Sat 9:00 AM
54             F
Beyond Plainfield ~ Brian Montigney
A lovely 54 mile ride through the farmlands beyond Plainfield with a stop for lunch at a very cute diner in Newark, the Newark Country Kitchen. 
The ride will begin and end in the parking lot for the Mather Woods Forest Preserve. To get to there: 
1. travel South on I-55.
2. Turn right (NW) onto W Lincoln Hwy/US-30 W. 
3. Turn left onto W Renwick Rd/County Hwy-36. Continue to follow W Renwick Rd.
4. After crossing over the DuPage Rive, Mather Woods is quickly on your right. 
Estimated travel time is 75-85 minutes with low traffic on a Saturday morning.
Please let Brian know at beforehand if you wish to join the ride so we know if we need to wait for anyone at the start.
05/28 Sun 6:00 AM
40             M
Bike The Drive ($) - Remote: Dunkin Donuts, Howard & Western ~ Dana Taylor
Dana will be leading a group of EBC riders to "Bike The Drive" on Sunday, May 28th.  The group will meet at the Dunkin Donuts at Howard & Western and ride down together to the start at Bryn Mawr. The pace will be moderate 13 - 15 mph. Once we get onto Lake Shore Drive, we may split up as speeds may vary.
For details about Bike the Drive and to preregister go to  

Please email Dana if you plan to come so he knows how many people to expect.  Contact Dana at  In the event of questionable weather he will post a cancellation by 5 am that morning. 
Be sure to pre-register for the ride!
05/28 Sun 9:00 AM
30             M/C
"Remembering Memorial Day"/ Visit to Ft Sheridan Cemetery ~ Joanne Davis (M), Cynthia Karabush (C)
"Remembering Memorial Day"/ Visit to Ft Sheridan Cemetery
I think that it is fitting that we pay our respect to service members over this Memorial Day Weekend, so I'd like to lead a ride to the cemetery at Fort Sheridan.  While there we can explore the cemetery, be humbled and show our gratitude to those deceased members Bring a poem to read if you wish. Taps may be sounded.  Please join me to "put remembrance back into Memorial Day."
Joanne will lead a group at the low end of Moderate (13 MPH) pace and Cynthia will lead a group at Casual pace (10-12 mph), with around 30 miles round trip.  Back around 1:30 or 2PM.
Lunch at Once Upon a Bagel in Highland Park.
05/29 Mon 7:00 AM
100           F/F+
Century Training Finale: Butter Burger Century to Pleasant Prairie, WI ~ John Chisholm (F), Melissa Gatuso (F+)
100  This is the last of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride.

This ride is on mostly rural roads after Gurnee and includes a few hills along the way.  Lunch will be at Culver's, home of the famous Butter Burger.

John Chisholm will lead at group at the high end of Fast (17 mph) and Melissa Gatuso will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
05/30 Tue 9:00 AM
40             M
Estate Lane ~ Neal Ney
We will ride through the former estate of Albert Lasker.  In the 1920s he built his Lake Forest home and the 7,000 yard Mill Road Farm golf course, which was comparable to courses used in the majors.  Many professional and celebrity golfers played the course as Lasker’s guests. The golf course/estate existed from 1927 to 1942.  It had its own clubhouse in addition to Lasker’s private home – a 25,000 square foot French provincial mansion.  Among the 26 outbuildings were a horse barn, cocktail house, and an air conditioned theater.  We will take a look at a few of the remaining buildings.
06/01 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
Georgie V's in Northbrook ~ Bill Benjamin
Destination - lunch at Georgie V's in Northbrook.  This ride is mostly on residential streets and in the forest preserve. 
06/03 Sat 8:00 AM
40             M
Mettawa and St. Mary's Road ~ Dave Barish
This ride will be at the cusp of casual and moderate.  Casual riders, fear not, you can make this distance.  Moderate riders, fear not, you will get in some good miles and we will have some paths where you can blaze ahead.  We will stop at Once Upon a Bagel in Highland Park before heading back.
06/04 Sun 7:30 AM
100           F+
The Udder Century ($)- Remote: Union, IL ~ Melissa Gattuso
Remote Start: McHenry College, 8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake, IL
We will do the 100 mile route on the Udder Century at a Fast Plus pace. You must pre-register online at the link below!  If you are planning to join us, let me know so I can look for you.  Contact Melissa at or at 847-343-1422.

Udder Century Website:
06/04 Sun 7:30 AM
100           V
The Udder Century ($)- Remote: Union, IL ~ Felix Angelov
Remote Start: McHenry College, 8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake, IL
We will do the 100 mile route on the Udder Century at a Very Fast pace. You must pre-register online at the link below!  If you are planning to join us, let me know so I can look for you.  Contact Felix at
Udder Century Website:
06/04 Sun 9:00 AM
20             C
Highland Park's Sweet Side ~ Cynthia Karabush
Join Cynthia for a casual bike tour of artisanal Cupcake and Gelato shops in Highland Park.  If you still have room, we'll stop for lunch in Highland Park.
06/04 Sun 9:00 AM
24             M
Back by Noon / Willow Hill - Remote: Chandler ~ Jack Weiss
Remote Start:  Chandler Center, 1028 Central St, Evanston 
We’ll ride through south Wilmette, use the North Branch Trail and lightly traveled city streets, passing near The Glen on Ravine Way – only to face the HILL at Willow Hill.  There will be a rest/food stop at IHOP on our return from the Hill.  We’ll return through scenic Southeast Glenview.
06/08 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
Edgebrook & more ~ Marty Horn
Our casual loop ride starts with a beautiful view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline from Northwestern University.  We then head west and travel south on the McCormick bike path through the Skokie Sculpture Park.  Next, we head west on Pratt and stop for a snack in Edgebrook at either the Edgebrook Coffee Shop & Diner or the Corner Bakery up on Touhy.
Finally, we return via the North Branch bike trail through the forest preserves, then east via Glenview Road and the Wilmette Community Playfields.  We will ride at a casual pace of 10-12 mph.
06/09 Fri 
100-150   Any
CANCELED! NO RIDE LEADER June 9-11 Fight for Air Ride ($) - Remote: Crystal Lake ~ RIDE LEADER NEEDED!
Remote Start: McHenry College, Crystal Lake
The Fight for Air Ride is a fundraising event for the American Lung Association. Ride for a personal achievement, a new cycling experience or to honor a loved one affected by lung disease.  This is a two or three day event.  Cyclists of all levels ride 50 miles per day. Cycle the rolling hills of northern Illinois, and around the lakes of southern Wisconsin.  Three day riders depart on Friday morning and ride from Crystal Lake, IL to Lake Geneva, WI.  On Saturday, they enjoy a loop ride around the sparkling waters of Lake Geneva. On Sunday, the ride returns to Crystal Lake.  Two day riders depart on Saturday for Lake Geneva and return to Crystal Lake on Sunday.  Included in the ride are overnight accommodations at the beautiful Abbey Resort and Spa in Lake Geneva, buffet meals and full SAG support.
EBC Ride Leader will be riding an EBC group at Fast pace (15-17 mph) but this ride accommodates riders at any pace if you prefer a different pace.
For more details and to register for the ride go to - Fight for Air Ride
06/10 Sat 
339           Any
Bicycle Across Missouri, June 10-16 - Remote: Weston, Missouri $ ~ Scott Schaedel
Bicycle Across Missouri, June 10-16. Big BAM is Missouri's cross state bike tour and music festival. Over six days of riding you'll experience the stunning hospitality of small towns, gorgeous roads, and incredible live music every night. Six days of riding across some beautiful pristine countryside. We’ll stay on hard-surfaced roads with minimal traffic. And don’t forget the parties at each of the seven overnight towns where we will have a concert and festival every night. Total mileage is 339 miles over 6 days of riding. (Note: this is a camping trip; but there is an optional tent service which will do all of the work for you! Just arrive at your daily destination, shower, and plop down in your luxurious accommodations!) Cost is an economical $249 for the week, not including food and a nominal bus shuttle to the starting point.  For more info, see  Ride Leader: Scott Schaedel at, 847-239-2879.
Scott will be leading an EBC group at Classic Fast speed around 15-16mph but the ride is open to riders at all speeds if you prefer a different pace.
06/10 Sat 9:00 AM
45             F
Lake Forest Tollway Oasis ~ Jeff Miller
Don't worry, Jeff will get you there without going on the tollway.
06/10 Sat 10:00 AM
25             M
Hot Dogs in Highwood ~ Jo Gayle/Vicki Zickenheiner
Join us for a ride to Highwood, where we will stop for lunch at the Mean Wiener.  We will ride at the low end of Moderate, about 13-14 mph.
06/11 Sun 
300           Any
Grand Illinois Bike Tour - June 11 to 16 ($) - Remote: Byron, IL ~ Barbara Miller
Experience scenic northwestern Illinois on a fully-supported, loop ride through Byron, Dixon, Savanna, Quad Cities, and Sterling. Bike along the Rock River and Mississippi River valleys on quiet rural roads and some trails (mostly paved).  Choose between camping or motel options; most meals included. Proceeds benefit Ride Illinois and support its mission to make Illinois a better, safer, and more enjoyable place to ride. For more info and pricing, check out the website:
Ride at your own pace with daily routes ranging 43-59 miles and longer route options available.  Let Barbara Miller know if you plan to join the ride to sign in and make sure your mileage is recorded.  
06/11 Sun 8:00 AM
Ride 2 Recovery Honor Ride Chicago ($) - Remote: Evanston Subaru of Skokie ~ Tom Witt
 Remote Start:  Evanston Subaru of Skokie, 3340 Oakton St, Skokie
Help injured and healing veterans, through cycling on Sunday, June 11 at 8am.  Tom Witt will be leading an EBC group at Fast pace (15-17mph) but this ride accommodates riders at all speeds.
Developed by Ride 2 Recovery/Project HERO and sponsored by Evanston Subaru in Skokie and United Airlines, Honor Ride Chicago provides a life changing experience for our healing heroes.
Ride with veterans, enlisted military and hundreds of supporters on a fun, non-competitive ride along the North Shore.   
Ride begins in Skokie.  Three non-competitive distances: 18, 36 or 50 miles. 
Registration includes: Ten drawings for $100 Old Orchard gift cards, Apple Computer products, Cubs tickets, Northwestern football tickets, restaurant gift cards, free hotel nights at Hyatt, Hilton and B&Bs by Tawani Enterprises, gift cards, electronic gadgets and much more.  Ride features rest stops and SAG support in case of a flat tire or if you need a lift.
Following the ride, at Evanston Subaru in Skokie, you’ll receive a finishing medal, enjoy a free lunch from Del Campo’s taco bar and live entertainment by the Humboldt Park Orchestra.  
Please join Honor Ride Chicago for a memorable day saluting our military heroes.  In years past, Honor Ride Chicago has been honored to have a US Senator and Congressman in attendance to support our Veterans.    The June 11th event promises to be even bigger and better.
Please register today at:
06/11 Sun 8:00 AM
70             F
Barrington Hills & Beyond - Remote: Village Green Park, Northbrook ~ Jeff Miller
Remote start:  Village Green Park in Northbrook (corner of Walters & Meadow).  If you drive, many streets have parking restrictions. There is a parking lot on Walters, just southeast of the park, where you should be able to park.

We will ride through the rolling hills of Barrington Hills, passing horse farms and mansions.  After Barrington, our route continues along the scenic Fox River, then onto the Prairie & Fox River Bike Trails - which are flat, nicely paved and frequently shaded by a canopy of trees.  Lunch will be at a small cafe along the bike path in East Dundee.  After lunch, we return on the bike trail and then onto some different hills and more horse farms and mansions.
The pace will be Fast (15-17 mph).  Fast Plus riders are welcome to form a separate group and ride ahead.
Anyone looking for a longer ride can start at Panera in Wilmette at 7 am and meet us in Northbrook for a total of 90 miles.
06/11 Sun 9:30 AM
45             F
Lyons WI - Ye Olde Hotel Remote: Brighton Dale Golf Course ~ Ken Schulein
This ride goes on rural roads with rolling hills to the town of Lyons where we stop for lunch at Ye Old Hotel which was once a stagecoach stop. The pace with be Classic Fast (15-16 mph) but slower on the hills. The 9:30 start is timed so we get to the restaurant after it opens.

Remote Start: Brighton Dale Golf Course. Take I-94 North. 7.5 miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #340 WI-142 West toward Burlington. Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp and go west 8.5 miles on WI-142. Turn right (north) at WI-75 (248th St) and go 0.7 miles. Turn left into golf course entrance. Follow the park road about 0.5 mile to the parking lot next to the club house. Park at an empty area of the lot. Allow an hour and 15 minutes from Evanston.
06/13 Tue 9:00 AM
45             M
Middlefork Savanna ~ Neal Ney
A savanna is open woodland with grasses and forbs growing under the trees.  We will ride at a moderate pace to this rare remnant from Illinois' pre-settlement past.  We'll ride a bit more than four miles on the limestone trail in the preserve at a slow pace with some stops for nature gawking. The trail is suitable for road bikes (as long as you are not in a hurry).  After lunch we will resume our moderate pace on the roads and paved paths back to Evanston.
06/15 Thu 9:00 AM
22             C
Butterfly Garden at Chicago Botanic Gardens ~ Ken Schulein
Ride to Botanic Garden via the new trail connecting the Green Bay Trail to the Chicago Botanic Gardens and view the Butterfly Garden ($6/$5 Senior). Bring snack/sandwich or buy one at our rest stop at Bob's Deli. We will stop at a shelter to eat our snacks then view the butterfly garden or just explore the gardens if you prefer.
06/16 Fri 
130-150   Any
Peninsula Century ($) - Remote: Bailey's Harbor, WI ~ Melissa Gatuso
Remote: Bailey's Harbor Town Hall, 2392 Cty F, Bailey's Harbor, WI.
Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17-  Extend your fun in Door County!  Melissa Gattuso is leading a Fast Plus group at 18-20 mph, 30-50 mile ride on an extra ride on Friday, June 16, the day before the Peninsula Century (Time and location TBD). We will meet at the start of the Century in Bailey’s Harbor on Saturday, June 17.  Group will decide on an optional Sunday, June 18, ride.  More information on the Century can be found at  Other groups may form at other speeds if ride leaders are present.  Contact Melissa Gattuso at if you are interested.
Peninsula Century Spring Classic - A Door County Century Ride:
Melissa will be leading an EBC Fast Plus group at 18-20 mph, but the ride is open to riders at all speeds if you prefer a different pace.  The Peninsula Century Spring Classic bike ride is the only spring Door County century ride offering routes of 25, 50, 62, and 100 miles through beautiful northern Door County.
06/16 Fri 6:30 AM
12             C
One-way ride to Bike To Work Day Rally - Remote: Dunkin Donuts, Howard & Western DATE TO BE CONFIRMED! ~ Dave Barish
Remote Start: Dunkin Donuts at Howard and Western
Bicycles are a great means of transportation.  Sure, its fun to ride.  But we also ride because we have somewhere to go.  The City of Chicago's Bike to Work Day Rally celebrates bicycles as a commuting option.  Many club members commute to work. Let's get up early, ride through the city and celebrate with other commuters.  The City always gives away cool T shirts and free stuff to eat. This ride ends at Daley Plaza. There are no planned food stops.
06/17 Sat 
350           M
Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure ("GOBA") Remote: Findlay, Ohio ~ Bill Benjamin
GOBA, June 17 - 24
"The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure" is a bicycle-camping tour.   The tour is 7 days of riding about 50 miles per day.  Your gear including your tent and sleeping bag will be waiting for you to set up at the end of each day's ride.  The start and finish is in Findlay, Ohio which is about 300 miles from Evanston.   The ride is limited to 1500 participants so pre-registration is mandatory.   Meals are not included in the cost of $300.  More information is at Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure.  Let Bill Benjamin know at if you are interested in the ride.
06/17 Sat 9:00 AM
45             M
Lake Forest ~ Dana Taylor
Join Dana for a moderate ride to Lake Forest.  Lunch will be at Ferentino's - enjoy pizza, pasta, sandwich or salad before your return to Wilmette.
06/18 Sun 8:00 AM
70             F+
Lyons, WI - Remote: Bristol Woods, WI ~ Jay Twery
Remote Start:  Bristol Woods, WI
This ride will be on quiet rural roads with little traffic, some rolling hills, and a few steep ones.  This is one of my favorite club rides, and is surprisingly scenic given it's just a one hour drive from Evanston.  Total mileage for the ride will be about 70 miles with around 1,700 feet of elevation gain.  There will be a food stop in the middle at the Lyons Grocery store and a short break around mile 25 and mile 55 (Dairy Queen.)  Please email Jay at if you plan to come along on the ride.
Directions to start:  Take I-94 North.  A few miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #347 Hwy 165/Cty Q.  Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp.  Go west 2.5 miles on Cty Q.  Turn right (north) on Cty MB for 0.8 miles.  Turn left into the Bristol Woods park entrance.  Follow the park road about 1/4 mile past the picnic shelter at the top of the hill to the Pringle Nature Center.
If the weather looks bad, ride leader will post a cancellation on the list serve by 6:30 am in the morning on Sunday.
06/18 Sun 9:00 AM
25             C
Glencoe ~ John Chisholm
We'll do much of the NSC 25 mile route.  Mostly quiet, residential streets.
06/20 Tue 7:30 PM
Club Meeting: TOPIC TO BE DETERMINED ~ Shel Orkin
06/22 Thu 9:00 AM
10             C
Sweet Thursday ~ Barbara Miller
We'll meander through Evanston, Skokie or Wilmette and stop at several points of interest (historical, architectural and/or commercial) on our way to/from a locally owned coffee shop/bake shop for a short mid-morning nosh (not a meal).  Total mileage will be 10-12 or so.  Bring a lock for your bike and perhaps a small backpack, pannier or basket to take a tasty delight home.  Back before noon.
06/24 Sat 7:30 AM
70             F
Jelly Belly Ride - Remote: Lake Forest Northcroft Park ~ Steve Tattleman

Remote Start: Northcroft Park - located at the southeast corner of Old Elm & Ridge in Lake Forest. The main entrance is on Ridge, south of Old Elm.

We will ride up to Pleasant Prairie, WI to visit the Jelly Belly distribution center. Our lunch stop will be at Culver's in Pleasant Prairie. After lunch, we will head over to the Jelly Belly center where you will find a plethora of sugary snacks. Make sure you have some way to carry your Jelly Belly purchases home with you. And, just to ensure you don't lose weight on this ride, we will stop at Culver's in Gurnee on the way home for an ice cream sundae or root beer float!

06/24 Sat 8:30 AM
37             M
Lake Forest, A Unique Mickey D's Experience ~ Joanne Davis
Yes, it is true we are going to McDonald's to have a different type of experience.  There is an omelet station and the chef will prepare it to your personal liking.  This is quite the facility - you need to see it to believe it!  May even visit Estate Lane on the return trip!  Back around 1 pm or 1:30.
06/24 Sat 9:00 AM
20             C
Chicago Botanic Garden ~ John Burger/Joyce Riffer
We will ride to the Chicago Botanic Garden and spend about an hour walking through the gardens and having lunch.
06/25 Sun 9:00 AM
25             C
Coffee and Ice Cream Ride ~ Jo Gayle
The Coffee and Ice Cream Ride Sunday is going to First Slice Pies in Ravenswood, and it'll be at a high casual/low moderate pace (11-13 mph).. 
06/27 Tue 9:00 AM
40             M
Riverwoods ~ Neal Ney
We'll take a scenic, but less than direct route to Riverwoods.  Lunch will be at Greek Feast.

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