Ride Schedule From 08/15/18 Thru 10/14/18
2016 EBC Ride Schedule







(F+) Fast Plus

Very Fast

(V+) Very Fast Plus

10-12 mph

13-15 mph

15-17 mph

17-20 mph

20+ mph

22+ mph


Summer 2018 Rides   Effective: 06/01/18


Please see each ride for start location:

“Panera start” = Panera Bread, 1199 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette

“Chandler start” = Chandler Center, 1028 Central St, Evanston

“Remote start” = as shown



Do NOT park in the Panera parking lot:

On weekends, parking is available in the Metra lot along Poplar Drive south of Greenleaf.

On weekdays, parking is available a few blocks east on Greenleaf Ave: make sure signs allow all-day parking where you park!


Rides will not take place if there is snow or ice on the surface of the road, or if it's raining or snowing.

Don't forget to check Weekly Rides for regular recurring rides and Rides Forum for rides added, changed, or canceled at the last minute!

Click here for: Ride sign-in sheet for ride leader.


NOTE: Rides showing “LEADER NEEDED” are not scheduled!

 Details:Yes  No   Pace:  Include:60 Days Rest All From: 
Date Time/Miles Pace Destination~Leader
08/16 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
Northbrook and Georgie V's: Chandler start ~ Ken Schulein
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: We will ride at a casual pace (10-12 mph) to Georgie V's Restaurant in Northbrook.  On the way, we'll stop to see the velodrome and you may have a chance to ride  a loop or two if you wish. 
This ride starts at Chandler Center, 1028 Central St, Evanston.  We will meet at the American Legion building because of the summer camp.
08/17 Fri 
Mad City Weekend - REMOTE: Fitchburg, WI $ ~ Sharon Kaminecki
Mad City Weekend
Fri 8/17 to Sun 8/19 Moderate (13-15 mph)
Join us for one, two, or three days of cycling in Madison, WI and see why Madison was awarded Platinum, and Fitchburg Silver, Bicycle Friendly Community status by the League of American Bicyclists.  Sharon will be leading moderately paced rides Fri., Sat., and Sun but she has also created a cue sheet for a 70 mile hilly ride on Sat for anyone who would like to do a self-directed long fast ride.  We will meet each day at 09:00 AM at Panera Bread, 2960 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, and have optional group dinners Fri. and Sat. nights.  Further details will follow, but for now, save the date, and make your hotel reservation at the Wyndham Garden Madison Fitchburg, 2969 Cahill Main, Fitchburg, 608-274-7200 (Wyndham Garden Madison-Fitchburg), or other digs.  RSVP to Sharon via text at 773-442-2549 or email at so we know you are planning to join the fun!
Casual riders:  Ron Kaminecki plans to lead a slightly slower ride (10-12 mph) on each of the three dates to encourage people who may wish to ride this hilly area but at a slower rate. The routes will be about the same, though maybe shortened.  Ron aims to do about 40 miles on the 18th, 20 miles on the 19th, 35 miles on the 17th.  Same starting time and location.
Here are the Routes:
    Fitchburg 2018 Bike Path Explorer w/detour
    - Fitchburg 2018 to Albany
    - Fitchburg 2018 to Farmers Market and Lake Loop w/ detour
    - Fitchburg 2018 to McFarland
08/17 Fri 9:00 AM
20             M
Air & Water Show - Remote: South Blvd & Chicago Ave ~ Jack Weiss
Remote Start:  South Blvd & Chicago Ave, Evanston
Even on a hot August day this is an easy ride, mostly along Chicago’s lakefront bike path, following the bike route through East Rogers Park on the way.  We’ll watch the show at Fullerton Avenue.  The Friday Chicago Air & Water Show, while technically a rehearsal, is a full-blown production.  It starts at 11 am and ends at 4 pm.  Chicago Air & Water Show.
08/18 Sat 8:00 AM
38             C
Oak Park: Panera start ~ Dave Barish
We will ride at a casual pace to Oak Park.  Our planned destination is Prairie Bread Kitchen in downtown Oak Park.  We will probably get to Oak Park by 10 am and return to Panera in Wilmette by 1 pm.  Casual riders, don't forget to wake up earlier than usual - we start at 8 am. 
08/19 Sun 
10  to  68 M
The Wright Ride - Remote: Oak Park - Remote: Oak Park ~ Jo Gayle & Cynthia Karabush
Sponsored by the Oak Park Cycle Club the 2018 Wright Ride takes place on Sunday, Aug 19th in Oak Park.  This is the 12th year for this family friendly ride, which offers 10, 30, 50 and 68 mile supported ride options through beautiful tree-lined, architecturally rich communities.  Please contact Jo Gayle for more information at
08/21 Tue 9:00 AM
52             M
Long Grove : Panera start ~ Neal Ney
This week's Tuesday Moderate Ride: Lunch at Enzo & Lucia In Long Grove: Enzo & Lucia lunch menu.
08/21 Tue 7:30 PM
Club Meeting: Antique Bicycles by Carey Williams ~ Sharon Kaminecki
Carey Williams is the National Captain of The Wheelmen, an international group dedicated to the research, preservation, collecting and riding of antique bicycles from 1931 and before. The organization seeks to preserve early bicycles, many of which were instrumental in The Good Roads Movement from which America has benefited to this day, and encourages cycling as a part of modern living. Carey will share the history of early bicycles and will bring an old bicycle to the presentation.
08/23 Thu 9:00 AM
22             C
Northern Suburbs Meander: Chandler start ~ Connie Uselman
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: Let's meander though the northern suburbs, view gorgeous real estate and impeccable landscaping, repeating the 2018 casual EBC picnic route.  We will nourish ourselves at the Chicago Botanic Gardens Cafe.  Around 22 miles, back around 1 pm.
08/25 Sat 9:00 AM
50             M
Gus's Drive In, Remote Start: Wisconsin Remote: Brighton Dale Golf Course ~ Ken Schulein
50 mile ride in Wisconsin hills with lunch at the famed Gus's Drive-In, 3131 Main St, East Troy, WI.  This ride goes on rural roads with rolling hills  to Gus's Drive-in for lunch at mile 25.  Rest Stops with snacks are at mile 12 and  Adrian's Frozen Custard at mile 38. 
Remote Start: Brighton Dale Golf Course. Take I-94 North. 7.5 miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #340 WI-142 West toward Burlington. Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp and go west 8.5 miles on WI-142. Turn right (north) at WI-75 (248th St) and go 0.7 miles. Turn left into golf course entrance. Follow the park road about 0.5 mile to the parking lot next to the club house. Park at an empty area of the lot. Allow an hour and 15 minutes from Evanston.
08/25 Sat 9:00 AM
60             F
DeKalb Corn Fest - Remote: St Charles, IL ~ LEADER NEEDED
Start Location - By popular demand, we will start & end the ride at a WATER PARK
Remote Start:  Otter Cover Aquatic Park - 3615 Campton Hills Road, St Charles, IL - use the entrance to the park from Peck Road: we will meet in the first parking lot at that entrance.
We will be starting at the Water Park, then we bike west on rolling hills reminiscent of our Cuba Road route.  The landscape gently transitions to classic midwest corn fields - a real treat this time of year as it appropriately sets the mood for our arrival at Corn Fest. 
Corn Fest Admission is free and they have: a classic car show, live music, food vendors, and lots of FREE FRESH sweet corn at the corn boil.  You also get a free 60 mile bike ride through the corn fields of Illinois!
Our new improved bike route includes a rest stop at Kupiers Family Farm for the start of apple season on the way to Corn Fest and a rest stop at Hill's General for ice cream on the way back.
This ride will be at the high end of fast (16-18 mph).  While there are several long break away sections for riders who wish to go faster, and may do so, Ride Leader will lead at the posted speed.
Please bring at least two full water bottles.
After the ride feel free to stay and play at the water park.  Bring appropriate water wear and $13 for admission.
Please RSVP to Ride Leader so we know you are coming.
08/26 Sun 7:00 AM
100           F+
Pampered Century: Chandler start ~ Art Gilfand
Looking to ride a century with the feeling of support behind you?  Come along on the Pampered Century.   We’ll be heading north to the Kenosha Velodrome on mainly quiet roads.  You might even get to take a spin on the velodrome.
Jim Kreps will be providing your SAG service and caterer.  At each of the two rest stops in each direction, Jim will have his truck loaded with fruits, energy drinks and bars, juices, bagels and snacks.  He will also cater lunch at the mid-point at the Kenosha Velodrome with a variety of lunchmeats, PBJ and sandwich fixings.  More importantly, if something goes wrong with your bike, Jim can be there and fix most minor problems and get you moving.   If something goes wrong with you and you need a bit of a rest, he can bring you to the next rest stop or further if needed.
The ride begins at the Chandler Community Center, 1028 Central Street in Evanston. There is street parking on Lincoln Street and you are near the Central Street station of the CTA Purple Line.  The ride begins promptly at 7:00 and we plan to return between 5:00 and 6:30.   Expect a riding pace between 15 and 19 mph.
There is a $20 charge for the food and SAG vehicle costs.  Please bring cash that morning.  The ride is a joint event with the Chicago Cycling Club and EBC.
If you intend to go on this ride or have any questions, please contact Art Gilfand at 773-871-1872 or by email at
08/26 Sun 8:30 AM
22             C
IHOP near the Glen: Panera start ~ Marty Horn
For those who wish to, there will be an option to ride to the top of the Willow Springs Country Club. I did it and it was pretty cool!
08/26 Sun 9:00 AM
23             C
Brew Pub Ride: Panera start ~ Dave Barish
Sometimes we ride to eat (in our club that is most of the time).  Sometimes we ride for speed.  Sometimes for  distance.  Sometimes for transportation.  On this Saturday ride we will ride for beer.  Sleep in a bit later and come to Panera at 930 am when we will begin a casually paced ride to Half Acre, Revolution's tap room and finish up at Temperance in Evanston. We will stop and sample the wares at each stop.  All riders are welcome and encouraged to know their  limits.
08/28 Tue 9:00 AM
45             M
Middlefork Savanna: Panera start ~ Neal Ney
This week's Tuesday Moderate Ride: A savanna is open woodland with grasses and forbs growing under the trees.  We will ride at a moderate pace to this rare remnant from Illinois' pre-settlement past.  We'll ride a bit more than four miles on the limestone trail in the preserve at a slow pace with some stops for nature gawking.  The trail is suitable for road bikes (as long as you are not in a hurry).  After lunch we will resume our moderate pace on the roads and paved paths back to Evanston.
08/30 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
Glencoe - NSC 25 mile route: Chandler start ~ Ken Schulein
This week's Thursday Casual Ride will follow the North Shore Century 25 mile route to Glencoe.
09/02 Sun 9:00 AM
20             M
Back by Noon / Super H: Chandler start ~ Jack Weiss
Remote Start:  Chandler Center, 1028 Central, Evanston
This is an easy ride to Niles with a rest/food stop at the Super H, a wonderful Korean food market.  Bring your backpacks so you can take home fresh seafood, vegetables, or dumplings.  We’ll travel on quiet streets for the most part, and the North Branch Trail.  Back by noon, unless you shop too long.
09/02 Sun 11:00 AM
45             F
Taste of Serbia Ride - From Panera, Wilmette: Panera start ~ Jeff Miller
We will ride to St. Basil's Church at Old School and Bradley roads in Mettawa to sample the food and listen to the music at the Taste of Serbia  We will spend at least an hour eating and listening to the entertainment before heading back.
09/03 Mon 9:00 AM
28             C
Fort Sheridan: Panera start ~ Connie Uselman
09/04 Tue 9:00 AM
50             M
Hyde Park: Panera start ~ Neal Ney
This week's Tuesday Moderate Ride: The time has arrived for our annual post Labor Day ride down the Lakefront Path to the Garden of the Phoenix, a Japanese garden behind the Museum of Science and Industry. In addition we will have a chance to see Yoko Ono's "Sky Landing" sculpture just outside of the garden.
09/05 Wed 7:00 AM
100           F+
Century Ride to Wisconsin: Panera start ~ Steven Schoenfeld
This ride will pass by the golden Pyramid House and its Colossus and by Lake Shangri-La with its life extending waters.
09/05 Wed 8:30 AM
35             M/C
Dim Sum Plus Some, Minus Chinatown: Chandler start ~ Joanne Davis (M), Connie Uselman (C)
This week's Wednesday Moderate Ride: One of the best dim sum spots in Chicago -- MingHin Cuisine -- opened a branch downtown just off the Lake Front Path. We now have the opportunity to have Chinatown food without suffering through congested streets, pot holes and stop lights to get to Chinatown. To make things even better, this new location is in the middle of a food enclave, right next to Mariano's, Brownbag Seafood, Wildberry Pancakes Cafe, and Au Bon Pain, so if chowing down dim sums family style isn't what you fancy for the day, there are multiple other options. Those of us who choose the dim sum fare will split the check, so please consider bringing some cash to make the transactions easier. 
Bike parking will be at the security of the McDonald's bike center on Randolph ($4 fee) or you can park behind the McDonald's bike center, or at the east side of the Blue Cross Blue Shield building.  If you can't ride with us, then please meet us there. MingHin opens at 11am.
In order to bring this up to a 30 or 35 mile route, I'll probably head south on the lake front trail to visit the new 35th Street Bridge and the Stephen A.Douglas tomb.
Thanks to Rebecca for identifying the opportunity, ordering the food and sweeping the ride!
09/06 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
The Secret Garden: Chandler start ~ Bill Benjamin
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: We will ride up to Highland Park, stopping along the way to visit the Secret Garden.  Lunch will be in the Roger Williams - St Johns area.
09/08 Sat 9:00 AM
40             F
Buona Beef: Panera start ~ Jeff Miller
We will head west to Buona Beef in Rolling Meadows.  The total distance will be about 40 miles.
09/09 Sun 7:00 AM
100           F+
North Shore Century Preview - Remote: Dawes Park ~ Melissa Gattuso
100 Preview the North Shore Century. 

Remote start: Dawes Park near Sheridan Rd & Church St in Evanston
09/09 Sun 7:00 AM
25-100     V
Harmon Hundred ($) - Remote: Wilmot, WI ~ Felix Angelov
Remote Start: Wilmot High School, 11112  308th Ave, Wilmot, WI
This ride thru rural Wisconsin is sponsored by the Wheeling Wheelmen.
The EBC Very Fast riders will be meeting at 7:00 am and departing PROMPTLY at 7:30 am.
To preregister ($20 by 9/7, $25 after) go to
09/09 Sun 8:00 AM
62             F
North Shore Metric-Century Preview - Remote: Dawes Park ~ Jeff Miller
62 Leader: Be sure to get cue sheet before the ride.

Remote start: Dawes Park near Sheridan Rd & Church St in Evanston
09/09 Sun 9:00 AM
25             C
North Shore Quarter-Century Preview - Remote: Dawes Park ~ Jo Gayle
25 Leader:  Be sure to get cue sheet before the ride. 
Remote start: Dawes Park near Sheridan Rd & Church St in Evanston
09/09 Sun 9:00 AM
50             M
North Shore Half-Century Preview - Remote: Dawes Park ~ Bill Benjamin
50 Leader:  Be sure to get cue sheet before the ride.
Remote start: Dawes Park near Sheridan Rd & Church St in Evanston
09/11 Tue 9:00 AM
50             M
Lambs Farm: Panera start ~ Neal Ney
This week's Tuesday Moderate Ride: We'll lunch in the popular restaurant at this famed institution for the developmentally disabled.
09/13 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
Lola's in Park Ridge: Chandler start ~ Marty Horn
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: Full disclosure: as best as we can tell, there is no one at this diner who goes by the name L-O-L-A Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola, nor will you be able to drink champagne that tastes just like cherry cola.   But if your tastes run to omelets, pancakes, waffles, or scramblers, or to wraps, burgers and BLT’s, and you like a late '50's/early ‘60’s vibe, then Lola’s Diner will definitely take you by the hand.
As usual, we’ll begin our ride at Chandler at 9:00.  Roundtrip to Lola’s and back is about 25 miles.
09/15 Sat 9:00 AM
24             M
Techny Basin Ride: Chandler start ~ Jack Weiss
We will visit the Techny basin in southern Northbrook and northeast Glenview. We'll see two large retention basins, discover how to get to REI or Whole Foods safely by bike, and see the Glenview Prairie Preserve.  We'll return to Evanston through southeast Glenview and Wilmette.
09/16 Sun 6:00 AM
25-100     Any
North Shore Century ($) - 25,50,62,100 mile routes - Remote: Dawes Park ~ Evanston Bicycle Club
  North Shore Century
09/20 Thu 9:00 AM
22             C
Tour de Glen: Chandler start ~ Mike Krueger
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: This is a leisurely tour of Glenview, past Wagner Farm, the Loyola Fields (hill climb optional), the 1.25 mile path around Techny Basin, The Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie Preserve, and Lake Glenview.
09/20 Thu 7:30 PM
Club Meeting THURSDAY, 09/20: Grants R Us, by recipients of the EBC grant program ~ Sharon Kaminecki
09/22 Sat 8:30 AM
75             F
Lake Geneva, WI - Remote: Bristol Woods Park, WI ~ Steven Schoenfeld
Remote Start: Bristol Woods County Park.  Take I-94 North.  A few miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #347 Hwy 165/Cty Q.  Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp and go west 2.5 miles on Qty Q.  Turn right (north) at Cty MB and go 0.5 miles.  Turn left into the park entrance.  Park at the Pringle Nature Center - follow the park road about 1/4 mile past the picnic shelter at the top of the hill.  Allow an hour from Evanston.
We will ride from Bristol Woods to Lake Geneva, circling counter clockwise around the scenic lake, stop for lunch in Fontana, then return to Bristol Woods.
Expect some very challenging hills, especially on the loop around Lake Geneva.  Be sure to bring a bike with the appropriate gearing for steep hills.
09/22 Sat 9:00 AM
49             M
Lake Tichigan - Remote: Brighton Dale Golf Course, WI ~ Ken Schulein
The ride will be led at the high end of moderate (15mph). There are rolling hills. Faster riders are welcome to print a cue sheet, form a group and ride ahead.  This ride goes through a wildlife preserve north of Waterford. Our lunch stop is at Sam's Diner (262-662-4200 until 2 PM) at mile 30 and dessert is at  Uncle Harry's Frozen Custard in Waterford.  
Remote Start: Brighton  Dale Golf Course.  Take I-94 North.  7.5  miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #340 WI-142 West toward Burlington. Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp and go west 8.5 miles on WI-142. Turn right (north) at WI-75 (248th St) and go 0.7 miles.  Turn left into golf course entrance. Follow the park road about 0.5 mile to the parking lot next to the club house. Park at an empty area of the lot. Allow an hour and 15 minutes from Evanston.
09/22 Sat 11:30 AM
66             F+
Bristol Woods dinner ride - Remote: Bristol Woods Park, WI ~ Will Heelan
Remote Start: Bristol Woods, Wisconsin
This is an afternoon ride from Bristol Woods County Park to Lyons WI. We will go in the opposite direction then most of the rides this year, and on a slightly different route. Since we will be starting late in the day, there won't be a stop tor a sit down lunch during the ride. There will still be 3 rest stops and all have some sort of food  available.  This will be a beautiful hilly ride in rural Wisconsin with a few small towns, some horses, cows, and barns along the way. There are a couple of new roads to try so there could be a last minute surprise.
The real purpose of the ride is to go to the Colony House Supper Club for dinner, which is on the route for many club rides in the area. It's intriguing because it's in the middle of nowhere, and looks frozen in time. You are welcome to come on the ride and/or to the dinner, but you must eMail Melissa Gattuso at no later then Friday afternoon if you want to go to the Supper Club (6:00pm). The restaurant is about a 20 minute drive from the Park.
Restaurant: Colony House Supper Club
Directions to start: Bristol Woods County Park. Take I-94 North. A few miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #347 Hwy 165/Cty Q. Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp and go west 2.5 miles on Cty Q.  Turn right (north) at Cty MB and go 0.8 miles.  Turn left into the park entrance. Park at the Pringle Nature Center - follow the park road about 1/4 mile past the picnic shelter at the top of the hill.  Allow an hour from Evanston.
09/23 Sun 9:00 AM
38             M
Oak Park "Lunch with Angela": Panera start ~ Joanne Davis
Leaving Panera, Wilmette at 9 AM.
I thought it would be different and fun to journey to Oak Park to have a meal with Angela May, a long time loyal bike club member who currently lives in Oak Park, who because of the distance finds it difficult to ride with us on a frequent basis - like the old days.  The pace will be as moderate as possible for an urban ride (which means that it will be the slow end of moderate.)  The food stop will be at Two Brothers Social Tap (Angela's choice).  Join us for a brew, a light lunch, and delight in her charming kiwi accent, wit and humor.
Distance around 36-38 miles RT.  Probably back around 2:30PM.
09/26 Wed 8:30 AM
34             M
Revolution Brewery in Logan Square: Chandler start ~ Joanne Davis
This week's Wednesday Moderate Ride: How about something different?  A "Bike and Brew Ride."  Join the Wed ride theme of "revolution" (as in wheels and pedaling) as we travel to Revolution Brewery in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago.  We'll take the North Branch trail to Devon, then cross onto Elston, rounding the Illinois Monument in Logan Square and then visit the historic landmark of Walt Disney's birth place (under renovation.)  Finally, we'll arrive at Revolution for a well deserved brew and lunch.
Moderate pace, but probably slower since this is a city ride.  Round trip about 34 miles.  Probably back around 2 PM or so.  Check out the brews and menu at Revolution Brewery.
09/27 Thu 9:00 AM
30             C
River Cafe (formerly Mrs.V's) in Des Plaines: Chandler start ~ Ed Culp
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: We'll head out west to Des Plaines to River Cafe (formerly known as Mrs. V's.)
09/29 Sat 8:30 AM
45             M
Tour of Working Bikes: Panera Start ~ Joanne Davis
Working Bikes donates bicycles refurbished by volunteers to individuals and partner organizations here in Chicago, providing transportation to people in homeless transition, refugee resettlement, and youth empowerment programs.
Working Bikes donates over 6,000 bicycles each year to international and local partners.
This remarkable organization has been a grant recipient from the EBC for a number of years and Phil Kaplan, Executive Director will lead us on a tour. 
Thinking about lunch at Manny's Deli.  Probably back by 2:30-3PM
09/30 Sun 8:00 AM
100           Any
Apple Cider Century ($) - Remote: Three Oaks, MI ~ LEADER NEEDED
Remote Start: Three Oaks, MI
The Apple Cider Century is one of the largest one-day century events in the Midwest.  Route options ranging from 15 to 100 miles travel through orchards, forests, wine country and along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.
For complete details see their website -
You must pre-register, as the event usually sells out.
RIDE LEADER TO BE DETERMINED will be leading an EBC Fast group (15-17 mph) on the 100 mile route @ 08:00am from the sidewalk just west of the school near the start/finish line (but the Apple Cider Century does have riders at all speeds if you do not wish to ride Fast with RIDE LEADER TO BE DETERMINED). If you plan to join the ride, please contact RIDE LEADER so they know you are coming.
09/30 Sun 9:00 AM
62             F/F+
Cuba Marsh & Pumpkin Donuts: Panera start ~ John Chisholm (F) / Heidi Hoppe (F+)
John will lead a Fast metric century ride and Heidi will lead a F+ section ahead.  We will stop at Didier Farms for pumpkin donuts on our way to Long Grove and Cuba Marsh.   We will cycle the beautiful, rolling hills of Cuba Road, with a quick stop to pick up sandwiches at Jimmy John's to eat at Cuba Marsh.  Those that want can explore the area on a limestone bike trail.
10/04 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
Casual Thursday Ride: Chandler start ~ Bill Benjamin
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: Bill will find somewhere fun to go and some place good to eat, for a 25 mile casual ride.
10/05 Fri 
50             Any
Oct 5-7 Farm/Art DTour ($) - Remote: Reedsburg, WI ~ Sandra Basile
Remote Start: Reedsburg, WI.
This is one of the prettiest areas in WI especially in the the food and events make it a fun weekend for riders of all abilities!  The Farm/Art DTour is a 50 mile self-guided tour through the beautiful, unglaciated hills and valleys of Sauk County, highlighting four communities.  The route is punctuated by temporary art installations and artist-built mobile roadside stands selling fresh locally grown produce.  You'll also find Pasture Performances and more!
There is no better way to enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas of the 50 mile Farm/Art DTour than on a bicycle.  The hilly terrain is not for beginners, but experienced riders will enjoy this unique method of traveling the route.  We have all day to complete the ride, but as an alternative for casual riders, the less challenging WI 400 Trail is accessible from Reedsburg.
For more details see Bike the DTour.
The ride takes place during the Reedsburg Fermentation Fest.  Authors, bakers, chefs, scientists, chocolatiers and cheesemakers will provide plenty of food for thought.
The plan is to drive up on Friday Oct 5th, enjoy the Fermentation Fest, do the bike ride on Saturday Oct 6th and return on Sunday Oct 7th.
Here is the link for hotel rooms: Ho-Chunk Casino Resort.  As of 1/22/2018 there were 55 rooms available at the Ho-Chunk, but please do not wait until last minute!  The casino is located nearby on a native American Reservation.  Rooms fill up fast - please reserve early.
Sandra will be leading rides at high moderate pace (14-15 mph) but the Tour supports riders at any speed if you prefer a different pace.  Contact Sandra at if you are interested.
10/06 Sat 9:00 AM
45             M
Knollwood: Panera start ~ Dave Barish
10/06 Sat 9:00 AM
50             F
Corner Bakery in Vernon Hills: Panera start ~ Jeff Miller
Ride to the Corner Bakery on Rte 60 in Vernon Hills via Riverwoods.  Rest stop at Village Green in Northbrook both directions.
10/07 Sun 9:00 AM
25             C
Highwood Pumpkin Festival: Panera start ~ Cynthia Karabush
Ride up to Highwood for the Great Pumpkin Festival.  We'll enjoy food & pastries at Maria's in Highwood, and walk around a bit to admire the carved pumpkins. Perhaps we can find the Great Pumpkin if we're very lucky!
10/07 Sun 9:00 AM
57             F
NOT YOUR AVERAGE BIRTHDAY RIDE: Panera start ~ Jeff Miller
Join Jeff Miller and Sara Polonsky on a ride to celebrate the average of their birthdays!  We will take a somewhat circuitous route to Ming Hin Cuisine, 1440 Golf Rd., Rolling Meadows.
MingHin Cuisine ( specializes in traditional and contemporary Cantonese and Dim Sum.
10/07 Sun 9:00 AM
23             M
Back by Noon / Forest Glen: Chandler start ~ Jack Weiss
Remote Start:  Chandler Center, 1028 Central St, Evanston
We'll head west to the Valley Line / Skokie Line Trail at Dempster and ride to Bryn Mawr, then stop iin Forest Glen for a rest stop.  We'll return to the new extension of the North Branch Trail, ride east thru the city to the Channel Trail at Argyle, then home.
10/07 Sun 10:00 AM
35             M
Rural Ramble - Remote: Lake Mills, WI ~ Barbara Miller
Join me to honor the English cycling heritage and traditions in the ride described on this website: The organizer collects and restores (and rides) mid-20th century British bikes. But a vintage bike is not required for this ramble through London and Cambridge (Wisconsin). The oldest bike you have that will comfortably take you 35 miles on a combination of trail and road or a steel bike of any vintage is just fine (or really just about any bike you take pride in). But observation of the lycra-free dress code is requested and taking some effort to coordinate your personal kit with your steed will be appreciated! This ride is all about style and attitude and enjoying life in the slow lane and respecting bygone customs. Let me know if you're interested or have questions. Note: Lake Mills is about a 2 hour drive from Chicago, just off Interstate 94 west of Milwaukee. There is a $5 charge for a one day trail pass. 
10/09 Tue 9:00 AM
45             M
Ryerson Woods: Panera start ~ Neal Ney
This week's Tuesday Moderate Ride: Trail conditions permitting, we’ll take a fall color walk in this Lake Country Forest Preserve.  Lunch will be at Greek Feast.
10/11 Thu 9:00 AM
25             C
Casual Thursday Ride: Chandler start ~ Bill Benjamin
This week's Thursday Casual Ride: Bill will find somewhere fun to go for about a 25 mile casual ride!
10/13 Sat 8:30 AM
25             M
Breakfast Club to Lincoln Square: Panera start ~ Sharon Kaminecki
If you like to eat, ride a bike, meet new people, explore different parts of the north shore and Chicago, but dedicate only half a day doing it at a time, this group bicycle ride is for you!  The "Breakfast Club" will ride at a moderate pace to a different neighborhood, stop for breakfast at a pre-selected restaurant, and be back around noon.
Join us as we ride to brunch at Fork, 4600 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago,,  the farm to table restaurant in Lincoln Square voted as having the #1 rated chicken and waffles.  Fuel up with a snack before coming out to ride because we will do most of the riding before stopping for breakfast.  Bring cash/credit card for breakfast, a lock for your bike, and a helmet for your head.
10/13 Sat 9:00 AM
58             F
Barrington Ride - Remote: Village Green, Northbrook ~ Jeff Miller
Start at the Village Green Park in Northbrook for a 58 mile ride. The park is located at the corner of Walters & Meadow.   If you drive to this location, many streets have parking restrictions. There is a parking lot on Walters, just south-east of the park, where you should be able to park.
Lunch will be at Einstein's in Barrington.  We may stop at the Deerfield Bakery on the way back if we get there before it closes.