Ride Schedule From 09/20/17 Thru 11/19/17
2016 EBC Ride Schedule







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10-12 mph

13-15 mph

15-17 mph

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Unless a Remote Start is listed, Spring & Summer Rides start at:


-      Weekends & Holidays - Panera Bread, 1199 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette.

Do NOT park in the Panera parking lot.  On weekends, parking is available in the Metra lot along Poplar Drive to the south.

On weekdays, parking is available a few blocks east on Greenleaf Ave: make sure signs allow all-day parking where you park!


-      Weekdays - Chandler Center1028 Central St, Evanston


Rides will not take place if there is snow or ice on the surface of the road, or if it's raining or snowing.

Don't forget to check Weekly Rides for regular recurring rides and Rides Forum for rides added, changed, or canceled at the last minute!

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Date Time/Miles Pace Destination~Leader
09/21 Thu 9:00 AM
27             C
Seafood City! ~ Connie Uselman
How many trails can one take in a morning ride? Let's find out. Is it possible to connect the new Skokie Valley Trail (south) to the Sauganash Trail to the Chicago River North Branch Trail to the Channel Trail? Join us and see. For fuel and refreshments we will graze at Seafood City, a Filipino Supermarket. This market contains many quick-serve grilling stations. Bring a pannier for take home treats.
Round trip is 25 to 27 miles, back around 2 pm.
09/23 Sat 8:30 AM
75             F
Lake Geneva, WI - Remote: Bristol Woods Park, WI ~ Steven Schoenfeld
Remote Start: Bristol Woods County Park.  Take I-94 North.  A few miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #347 Hwy 165/Cty Q.  Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp and go west 2.5 miles on Qty Q.  Turn right (north) at Cty MB and go 0.5 miles.  Turn left into the park entrance.  Park at the Pringle Nature Center - follow the park road about 1/4 mile past the picnic shelter at the top of the hill.  Allow an hour from Evanston.
We will ride from Bristol Woods to Lake Geneva, circling counter clockwise around the scenic lake, stop for lunch in Fontana, then return to Bristol Woods.
Expect some very challenging hills, especially on the loop around Lake Geneva.  Be sure to bring a bike with the appropriate gearing for steep hills.
09/24 Sun 8:00 AM
100           Any
Apple Cider Century ($) - Remote: Three Oaks, MI ~ RIDE LEADER NEEDED!
Remote Start: Three Oaks, MI
The Apple Cider Century is one of the largest one-day century events in the Midwest.  Route options ranging from 15 to 100 miles travel through orchards, forests, wine country and along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.
For complete details see their website -
You must pre-register, as the event usually sells out.
RIDE LEADER TO BE DETERMINED will be leading an EBC Fast group (15-17 mph) on the 100 mile route @ 08:00am from the sidewalk just west of the school near the start/finish line (but the Apple Cider Century does have riders at all speeds if you do not wish to ride Fast with RIDE LEADER TO BE DETERMINED). If you plan to join the ride, please contact RIDE LEADER so they know you are coming.
09/24 Sun 9:00 AM
36             M
Oak Park Breakfast at Connolly's ~ Joanne Davis
I thought it would be different and fun to journey to Oak Park to have breakfast.  The pace will be as moderate as possible for an urban ride (which means that it will probably be the slow end of moderate.)  The food stop will be at Connolly's Public House at 1109 South Blvd in Oak Park  Distance around 36 miles RT.  Probably back around 2:30PM.
09/28 Thu 9:00 AM
30             C
River Cafe (formerly Mrs.V's) - Des Plaines ~ Ed Culp
We'll head out west to Des Plaines to River Cafe (formerly known as Mrs. V's.)
10/01 Sun 9:00 AM
62             F/F+
Cuba Marsh & Pumpkin Donuts ~ John Chisholm (F) / Heidi Hoppe (F+)
John will lead a Fast metric century ride and Heidi will lead a F+ section ahead.  We will stop at Didier Farms for pumpkin donuts on our way to Long Grove and Cuba Marsh.   We will cycle the beautiful, rolling hills of Cuba Road, with a quick stop to pick up sandwiches at Jimmy John's to eat at Cuba Marsh.  Those that want can explore the area on a limestone bike trail.
10/01 Sun 10:00 AM
35             M
Rural Ramble - Remote: Lake Mills, WI ~ Barbara Miller
Join me to honor the English cycling heritage and traditions in the ride described on this website: The organizer collects and restores (and rides) mid-20th century British bikes. But a vintage bike is not required for this ramble through London and Cambridge (Wisconsin). The oldest bike you have that will comfortably take you 35 miles on a combination of trail and road or a steel bike of any vintage is just fine (or really just about any bike you take pride in). But observation of the lycra-free dress code is requested and taking some effort to coordinate your personal kit with your steed will be appreciated! This ride is all about style and attitude and enjoying life in the slow lane and respecting bygone customs. Let me know if you're interested or have questions. Note: Lake Mills is about a 2 hour drive from Chicago, just off Interstate 94 west of Milwaukee. There is a $4 charge for a one day trail pass. 
10/05 Thu 9:00 AM
10             C
Sweet Thursday ~ Barbara Miller
We'll meander through Evanston, Skokie or Wilmette and stop at several points of interest (historical, architectural and/or commercial) on our way to/from a locally owned coffee shop/bake shop for a short mid-morning nosh (not a meal).  Total mileage will be 10-12 or so.  Bring a lock for your bike and perhaps a small backpack, pannier or basket to take a tasty delight home.  Back before noon.
10/06 Fri 
50             Any
CANCELED! NOT IN 2017 Oct 6-8 Farm/Art DTour ($) - Remote: Reedsburg, WI ~ Sandra Basile
Remote Start: Reedsburg, WI
The Farm/Art DTour is a 50 mile self-guided tour through the beautiful, unglaciated hills and valleys of Sauk County, highlighting four communities.  The route is punctuated by temporary art installations and artist-built mobile roadside stands selling fresh locally grown produce.  You'll also find Pasture Performances and more!
There is no better way to enjoy the sights, sounds and aromas of the 50 mile Farm/Art DTour than on a bicycle.  The hilly terrain is not for beginners, but experienced riders will enjoy this unique method of traveling the route.  We have all day to complete the ride, but as an alternative for casual riders, the less challenging WI 400 Trail is accessible from Reedsburg.
For more details see Bike the DTour.
The ride takes place during the Reedsburg Fermentation Fest.  Authors, bakers, chefs, scientists, chocolatiers and cheesemakers will provide plenty of food for thought.
The plan is to drive up on Friday Oct 6, enjoy the Fermentation Fest, do the bike ride on Saturday Oct 7 and return on Sunday Oct 8.
Sandra suggests lodging at the Ho Chunk Casino Resort.  The casino is located nearby on a native American Reservation.  Rooms fill up fast - please reserve early.
Sandra will be leading rides at high moderate pace (14-15 mph) but the Tour supports riders at any speed if you prefer a different pace.  Contact Sandra at if you are interested.
10/07 Sat 8:00 AM
45             M
Knollwood ~ Dave Barish
10/08 Sun 9:00 AM
23             M
Back by Noon / Bryn Mawr - Remote: Chandler ~ Sharon Kaminecki
Remote Start:  Chandler Center, 1028 Central St, Evanston
A new route for BBNers - Into the city on the North Branch Trail to Edgebrook for a lunch stop.  Then, we'll weave our way on street bike lanes to the North Branch Trail and home.
10/08 Sun 9:00 AM
49             M
Lake Tichigan - Remote: Brighton Dale Golf Course, WI ~ Ken Schulein
The ride will be led at the high end of moderate (15mph). There are rolling hills. Faster riders are welcome to print a cue sheet, form a group and ride ahead.  This ride goes through a wildlife preserve north of Waterford. Our lunch stop is at Sam's Diner (262-662-4200 until 2 PM) at mile 30 and dessert is at  Uncle Harry's Frozen Custard in Waterford.  
Remote Start: Brighton  Dale Golf Course.  Take I-94 North.  7.5  miles past the Wisconsin border, take Exit #340 WI-142 West toward Burlington. Turn left (west) at the end of the exit ramp and go west 8.5 miles on WI-142. Turn right (north) at WI-75 (248th St) and go 0.7 miles.  Turn left into golf course entrance. Follow the park road about 0.5 mile to the parking lot next to the club house. Park at an empty area of the lot. Allow an hour and 15 minutes from Evanston.
10/08 Sun 9:00 AM
58             F
Barrington Ride - Remote: Village Green, Northbrook ~ Jeff Miller
Start at the Village Green Park in Northbrook for a 58 mile ride. The park is located at the corner of Walters & Meadow.   If you drive to this location, many streets have parking restrictions. There is a parking lot on Walters, just south-east of the park, where you should be able to park.
Lunch will be at Einstein's in Barrington.  We may stop at the Deerfield Bakery on the way back if we get there before it closes.
10/08 Sun 9:00 AM
25             C
Highwood Pumpkin Festival ~ Cynthia Karabush
Ride up to Highwood for the Great Pumpkin Festival.  We'll enjoy food & pastries at Maria's in Highwood, and walk around a bit to admire the carved pumpkins. Perhaps we can find the Great Pumpkin if we're very lucky!
10/10 Tue 9:00 AM
45             M
Ryerson Woods - Panera Start ~ Neal Ney
Trail conditions permitting, we’ll take a fall color walk in this Lake Country Forest Preserve.  Lunch will be at Greek Feast.
10/11 Wed 8:30 AM
34             M
Revolution Brewery in Logan Square ~ Joanne Davis
How about something different?  A "Bike and Brew Ride."  Join the Wed ride theme of "revolution" (as in wheels and pedaling) as we travel to Revolution Brewery in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago.  We'll take the North Branch trail to Devon, then cross onto Elston, rounding the Illinois Monument in Logan Square and then visit the historic landmark of Walt Disney's birth place (under renovation.)  Finally, we'll arrive at Revolution for a well deserved brew and lunch.
Moderate pace, but probably slower since this is a city ride.  Round trip about 34 miles.  Probably back around 2 PM or so.  Check out the brews and menu at Revolution Brewery.
10/12 Thu 9:00 AM
10             C
Sweet Thursday ~ Barbara Miller
We'll meander through Evanston, Skokie or Wilmette and stop at several points of interest (historical, architectural and/or commercial) on our way to/from a locally owned coffee shop/bake shop for a short mid-morning nosh (not a meal).  Total mileage will be 10-12 or so.  Bring a lock for your bike and perhaps a small backpack, pannier or basket to take a tasty delight home.  Back before noon.
10/14 Sat 9:00 AM
50             F
Corner Bakery in Vernon Hills: TO BE RESCHEDULED ~ Jeff Miller
Ride to the Corner Bakery on Rte 60 in Vernon Hills via Riverwoods.  Rest stop at Village Green in Northbrook both directions.
10/14 Sat 9:00 AM
56             F
Join Jeff Miller and Sara Polonsky on a ride to celebrate the average of their birthdays!  We will take a somewhat circuitous route to Ming Hin Cuisine, 1440 Golf Rd., Rolling Meadows.
MingHin Cuisine ( specializes in traditional and contemporary Cantonese and Dim Sum.
10/14 Sat 9:00 AM
45             M
Ryerson Woods ~ Dave Barish
10/15 Sun 9:00 AM
52             F
Busse Woods ~ Randy Pickard
We will ride out to Elk Grove Village to visit the elk in Busse Woods.
For those who enjoy seeing the fall foliage, you'll get some great views on this ride.  Highlight of the ride is a trip around Busse Woods. The Busse Woods paved bike trail is the boundary for an elk preserve, and the elk are usually in pretty close proximity to the trail. This route features a lots of turns and stoplights in getting west of Des Plaines, but the scenic segments of the route once west of Des Plaines make it a good change of pace ride during fall foliage season.  Lunch at Egg'lectic in Rolling Meadows.
10/17 Tue 7:30 PM
Club Meeting: TOPIC TO BE DETERMINED ~ Shel Orkin
10/19 Thu 9:00 AM
14             C
Sweet Thursday ~ Barbara Miller
We'll meander through Evanston, Skokie or Wilmette and stop at several points of interest (historical, architectural and/or commercial) on our way to/from a locally owned coffee shop/bake shop for a short mid-morning nosh (not a meal).  Total mileage will be 10-12 or so.  Bring a lock for your bike and perhaps a small backpack, pannier or basket to take a tasty delight home.  Back before noon.
10/21 Sat 9:00 AM
44             M
Didier Farms Pumpkin Donuts ~ Dana Taylor
Shorter and moderately paced version of the Fast paced Pumpkin Donuts ride.  Goal is Didier Farms for pumpkin donuts, see the pigs, and fall harvest displays then stop on the way back for lunch.
10/22 Sun 9:00 AM
35             M
Old School to Van Patten Woods Trail Ride - Remote: Old School Forest Preserve in Lake County ~ Ed Culp
Remote Start: Old School Forest Preserve.  From Hwy 41 or Tri State tollway, go west on Hwy 60 to St Marys Road, north on St Marys Rd 2 miles.  Park at the Old School parking lot.  From Evanston, allow about 35 minutes for driving about 22 miles to Old School F.P.
Most of the ride is on the Des Plaines River trail but there will be a section on quiet roads so we can eat at a restaurant.
More info: Ed
10/22 Sun 9:00 AM
40             M
Riverwoods ~ Neal Ney'll take a scenic, but less direct route to Riverwoods from Panera.  Lunch will be at Greek Feast.
11/04 Sat 9:30 AM
23             C
Brew Pub Ride ~ Dave Barish
We will depart from Panera at 930 am.  We will have a little something to eat before we leave and then spend the rest of the day riding and sipping.  We will ride to Half Acre and take the 11 AM tour before going to their tap room to sample their beer.  Next we will ride to the Revolution Tap Room on Kedzie in Chicago, and then back to Temperance in Evanston.  You can get something to eat at Paninos and bring it to Temperance where we can discuss the variety of brews we have been sampling all day.
11/05 Sun 9:00 AM
68             F
Will's Birthday Ride ~ Will Heelan
Join Will Heelan for his annual birthday ride!  The 68 mile Fast ride will connect a lot of bike trails and run mostly at 17 mph. It will start with a nice view of Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline from Northwestern University, then back west to travel south on the McCormick bike path through the Skokie Sculpture Park and west on Bryn Mawr to Forest Glen where we head north on the North Branch bike path through the forest preserves to the Botanic Gardens and over to Max's Deli for our lunch stop.  After lunch we head up the Skokie Valley Trail to Rte 176 and east to Lake Bluff.  We will stop by Sunrise Park beach and travel south via scenic roads to the Lake Forest beach.  Then we will continue south via the bike path and through Ft. Sheridan.  We will finish our ride via Sheridan Rd. and various side streets back down the North Shore to Wilmette.
11/08 Wed 8:30 AM
33             M
Walnut Room at Macy's - REMOTE: CHANDLER ~ Joanne Davis
Departing CHANDLER at 8:30 to visit this iconic establishment. Let's start the pre-holiday festivities early.  The Christmas tree and all the decorations will be in their splendor! This is the 109th year of the Great Tree which is Cubbie blue and white this year.  Please wear your favorite festive outfit if you wish.
We'll travel down the lakefront path at a moderte pace of 13-14 mph, viewing the progress of the Navy Pier Flyover, and skirting Maggie Daley Park. We'll park our bikes in the security of the indoor McDonald's Bike Park ($4.00 cash fee/ bring your lock) and walk the short distance to State Street. If you are unable to ride with us then please consider joining us at The Walnut Room anyway.  The group should arrive prior to 11AM and there will be a wait.  Hopefully we can muscle in on the community table.  Cash payment works best for sorting through the check.
The Walnut room features a history that started when it opened in 1907 making it the oldest continuously-operated restaurant in the country. It features Circassian walnut paneling imported from Russia, Austrian chandeliers, and a 17,000 square foot dining room. Come check it out!  Back around 3:30pm or so.