Ride Schedule From 03/21/18 Thru 05/20/18
2016 EBC Ride Schedule







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10-12 mph

13-15 mph

15-17 mph

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20+ mph

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NOTE: Rides showing “RIDE LEADER NEEDED” are unconfirmed!


Winter 2017/2018 Rides   Effective: 12/18/17


Unless a Remote Start is listed, rides start at: Panera Bread, 1199 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette


Do NOT park in the Panera parking lot.  On weekends, parking is available in the Metra lot along Poplar Drive south of Greenleaf

On weekdays, parking is available a few blocks east on Greenleaf Ave: make sure signs allow all-day parking where you park!


Rides will not take place if there is snow or ice on the surface of the road, or if it's raining or snowing.

Don't forget to check Weekly Rides for regular recurring rides and Rides Forum for rides added, changed, or canceled at the last minute!

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Date Time/Miles Pace Destination~Leader
03/21 Wed 7:30 PM
Club Meeting: Biking Across America by Patricia Brummet ~ Sharon Kaminecki
Patty Brummet rode her bike across America—three times!  In 2014 she rode across North America - Astoria, OR to Portsmouth, NH to fulfill a dream and honor a promise she made to her dad the night he died.  In 2015 she rode again, this time biking across the middle part of America, San Francisco to Portsmouth, NH.  In the spring of 2017, Patty rode across the southern part of America, from San Diego, CA to St. Augustine, FL.  On all three rides she raised money for Rush University Cancer center.  Patty is a resident of Wilmette, a long time participant in Swim Across America, and avid bicyclist.
04/01 Sun 9:00 AM
32             M
Lake Forest College Easter Brunch ~ Sara Polonsky
Join us at 9:00 am on Easter Sunday for a Moderate ride (13-15mph) to Lake Forest College for brunch.  If the Easter Brunch Fast Ride is too fast for you, but you still want to enjoy the abundant brunch (for only about $10) join us at Panera in Wilmette @ 9am for the Moderate version!  Note: the ride will not go if it is raining.

Don`t eat breakfast before you leave for this ride! The brunch is huge & the price is only about $10!
04/01 Sun 9:30 AM
40             F
Lake Forest College Easter Brunch ~ Tim Schoolmaster
This will be a classic fast (15-17 mph) paced 40-mile ride to the fabulous Sunday Easter Brunch at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL. Depending on how many people show up, we may break into two groups.  We expect to get to Lake Forest at 11:30 am. 

Don`t eat breakfast before you leave for this ride! The brunch is huge & the price is only about $10!
We will hoist our bloated bodies onto our bikes about 12:30 or 1:00, and come home via the Green Bay Trail. We should be back by 3:00 pm, even with a restroom stop.
04/08 Sun 9:00 AM
22             M
Back by Noon / North Shore Channel - Remote: Chandler ~ Jack Weiss
Remote Start:  Chandler Center, 1028 Central St., Evanston
On this ride we'll follow the North Shore Channel Trail into the city past Riverview to Belmont, visiting Ravenswood Gardens/Ravenswood Manor. There will be a rest/food stop halfway at Beans & Bagel, Rockwell and Leland.  Most of the ride is on paved trails in parks or on lightly traveled city streets.
04/08 Sun 9:00 AM
Advanced Cycling Clinic ~ Alvin Spector / Rachel Wills
Meet at Panera @ 09:00AM.  Come join a cycling clinic sponsored by the Chicago Women Elite Cycling group (CWEC). This clinic will include bike handling, safety, and group riding skills. The CWEC includes National and Olympic caliber cyclist and promotes women's involvement in bicycle racing. More information on the organization can be found here .
04/17 Tue 9:00 AM
40             M
Riverwoods ~ Neal Ney
A slightly circuitous route through Riverwoods with lunch at Greek Feast.
04/17 Tue 7:30 PM
Club Meeting: History of Cycling in Chicago by Chris McAuliffee ~ Sharon Kaminecki
Chris McAuliffe is the author of the book “Cycling in Chicago” which chronicles cycling starting in the late 19th century, when Chicago was the center of bicycle manufacturing in the United States.  As an early industrial and transportation center, two-thirds of all bicycles manufactured in the United States were from Chicago—it was the Detroit of bike manufacturing.  For decades, Chicago was also a center for cycling track and road racing. Chris will talk about Chicago’s rich cycling heritage and the urban cycling scene today.   Chris McAuliffe is a longtime Chicago-area cyclist who competes in road and cyclocross racing. Chris holds a USA Cycling racing license and races for the XXX Racing-Athletico cycling team. He also enjoys recreational cycling and exploring the many bike trails and forest preserves around Chicagoland.
04/21 Sat 8:30 AM
40             M
Lake Front Trail to new 35th St Bridge/ visit Stephen DouglasTomb /Balbo Monument ~ Joanne Davis
Lake Front Trail to new 35th St Bridge/ visit Stephen DouglasTomb /Balbo Monument
Leaving from Chandler: Hopefully the weather will be cooperative. We'll journey down the lake front trail and ride over the stunning new pedestrian bridge, followed by a visit to The Douglas Tomb.  Lunch at Manny's Deli, 1141 S Jefferson St, Chicago.
04/21 Sat 9:00 AM
50             F/F+
Century Training #1: Libertyville ~ Jeff Miller (F), Jay Twery (F+)
50    This is the first of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride.
We will ride out to Libertyville for a delicious brunch at the Picnic Basket.
Jeff Miller will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Jay Twery will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
04/28 Sat 9:00 AM
60             F/F+
Century Training #2: Cuba Road ~ Steve Schoenfeld(F), Melissa Gatuso (F+)
60   This is the second of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride

We will ride along the rolling hills of Cuba Road, beyond Cuba Marsh to Ela Rd, then stop at Long Grove for lunch on the way back.

Steve Schoenfeld will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Melissa Gatuso will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph)
05/05 Sat 9:00 AM
70             F/F+
Century Training #3: Gurnee ~ Brian Montigney (F), Will Heelan (F+)
70  This is the third of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride.
We will take an indirect route to Gurnee, passing Almond Marsh and catching a distant glimpse of the roller coasters at Six Flags.  Lunch will be at the Culver's restaurant in Gurnee.
Brian Montigney will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Will Heelan will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
05/05 Sat 9:00 AM
20             M
Back by Noon / Super H - Remote: Chandler ~ Jack Weiss
Remote Start:  Chandler Center, 1028 Central St, Evanston
This is an easy ride to Niles with a rest/food stop at the Super H, a wonderful Korean food market.  Bring your backpacks so you can take home fresh seafood, vegetables, or dumplings.  We’ll travel on quiet streets for the most part, and the North Branch Trail.  Back by noon, unless you shop too long.
05/06 Sun 8:00 AM
65             F
C.E.R.T.'s Pancake Breakfast Ride in Lake Zurich ~ Jeff Miller
  Prior to breakfast, we will do a few of the rollers on Cuba Road, circle Honey Lake and ride around the north side of Lake Zurich.  At mile 37, we will stop at the CERT Pancake Breakfast in Lake Zurich.  This is an all you can eat event for $7.00 per person.  The menu includes fluffy pancakes, sausages, muffins, coffee, juice and more!  There will be a silent auction, raffles and music.  All proceeds go to support CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) of South Lake County serving Hawthorn Woods, Kildeer, Lake Zurich and Ela Township - all communities we frequently ride through.
05/06 Sun 8:00 AM
60             M
C.E.R.T.'s Pancake Breakfast Ride in Lake Zurich ~ Dana Taylor
  We'll ride out to Lake Zurich for an all you can eat pancake breakfast.  For only $7 you get fluffy pancakes, sausages, muffins, coffee, juice and more!  There will also be a silent auction, raffles and music.  All proceeds go to support CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) of South Lake County.
05/06 Sun 9:00 AM
20             C
Chicago Botanic Garden Paved Trail Ride! - Remote: Harms Woods ~ Bill Benjamin
Remote Start: Harms Woods - Central (Groves 3&4) parking lot, 1/2 mile north of Golf on Harms Rd.  The parking lot is adjacent to the North Branch Trail.  We will ride the North Branch Bike Trail at a casual pace to the Chicago Botanic Garden.  Stop for a short walk and a snack then return by the trail.
05/09 Wed 8:30 AM
45             M
Visit to Osaka Japanese Garden ~ Joanne Davis
Visit to Osaka Japanese Garden and viewing of Yoko Ono's "Sculpture of the Phoenix" in Hyde Park. 45 Miles. Lunch at Valois Cafeteria in Hyde Park.
05/12 Sat 8:00 AM
80             F/F+
Century Training #4: Almost Algonquin via Cuba Rd ~ Peter Glaser (F), Melissa Gatuso (F+)
80   Let's go forth for the fourth of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride.
This is a beautiful ride out to Barrington Hills.  There are nice rolling hills on Cuba Road and a few steeper hills in Barrington Hills.  We also ride by several small scenic lakes.

Peter Glaser will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Melissa Gatuso will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
05/13 Sun 9:00 AM
50             M
Forest Home Cemetery ~ Neal Ney
Join me for a moderately paced 50-mile ride to Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park.  We'll take a slow turn through the Cemetery stopping to look at the Haymarket Monument, Emma Goldman's grave, and the famed Dissenter's Row.
05/15 Tue 9:00 AM
45             M
Dutch Windmill in Elmhurst - Remote: Panera ~ Neal Ney
We will ride to the oldest windmill in Illinois located in Mt Emblem Cemetery in Elmhurst.
05/15 Tue 7:30 PM
Club Meeting: Chicago Bike Plan ~ Sharon Kaminecki
05/16 Wed 7:00 PM
10             C
Ride of Silence - REMOTE: Wheel & Sprocket ~ Dave Barish
Evanston will again participate in the International Ride of Silence, on May 16th at 7 pm. On this date, riders all over the world will ride in silence to remember riders who have been injured or killed on the roads and to support cyclists and cycling.
Remote Start: Wheel & Sprocket, 1027 Davis, Evanston.
Please be at Wheel and Sprocket before 7 so we can all  talk before we silently leave on the 11 mile ride. Wheel and Sprocket will host us for some refreshments after the  ride.  If you are riding home you will need a light as it will be dark by the time we are done. Need a light? You can get one at the shop. Rides all over the world leave at 7pm to honor and remember people injured or killed on the road.  There is a listing for the ride at Ride of Silence- Evanston.  Come ride with us. This will be at a very casual pace. If you want to ride but are not near Evanston at 7 pm, you can try one of the other Rides of Silence in the Chicago area.  They are also listed on the calendar on The Chainlink. 
05/17 Thu 9:00 AM
20             C
First Casual Thursday ride of the season! ~ Connie Uselman
A casual ride to somewhere fun with a nice snack!  Spring has sprung - come on out for the first Thursday casual ride of the season!
05/19 Sat 8:00 AM
90             F/F+
Century Training #5: Volo Bog ~ Peter Glaser (F), Will Heelan (F+)
90 This is the fifth of a series of rides to prepare for a 100 mile ride. 
We're almost up to a century!  This week's century training ride takes us out to Volo Bog.   We will pick up sandwiches at Subway, picnic at Volo Bog, take a short hike around the Bog and then ride on down the road to dessert at either the Deerfield Bakery or Culver's.
Peter Glaser will lead a Fast group (15-17 mph) and Will Heelan will lead a Fast Plus group (17-20 mph).
05/19 Sat 8:30 AM
25             M
Breakfast Club to Edgewater ~ Sharon Kaminecki
If you like to eat, ride a bike, meet new people, explore different parts of the north shore and north side of Chicago, but dedicate only half a day doing it at a time, this group bicycle ride is for you!  The "Breakfast Club" will ride at a moderate pace to a different neighborhood, stop for breakfast at a pre-selected restaurant, and be back around noon.
Join us as we ride to brunch in Edgewater at the Revival Social Club, 1133 W Granville Ave, Chicago,  Fuel up with a snack before coming out to ride because we will do most of the riding before stopping for breakfast.  Bring cash/credit card for breakfast, a lock for your bike, and a helmet for your head.
05/19 Sat 9:00 AM
22             C
This Old Bike Ride - Remote: Bucephalus Bikes ~ Joanne Davis
 Remote Start:  Bucephalus Bikes, 1424 Lake St, Evanston
Are you still fascinated and enthralled by your old (or current) bike?  Do you experience that "knees-in-the-breeze" freedom?  Feature your old, vintage or new steed and meet at Bucephalus Bikes, where we will be treated to some retro snacks of our childhood.  (Rest assured, we couldn't find any Tang.)  Curious?  Join us as we roll out to the Corner Bakery in the Glen.
All bikes are welcome - be it your old bike, your other bike or your only bike.  Maybe it would be fun to wear or bring a vintage or sentimental item or article of clothing.  We will probably be back between 12:30 and 1 pm.  Join us on this sentimental journey.
05/20 Sun 8:00 AM
28-69       V
Arlington 500 Ride ($) - Remote: Barrington High School ~ Felix Angelov
Remote start: Barrington High School - West Parking Lot, 616 W. Main Street, Barrington, Illinois 
Details are available on the Arlington Heights Bicycle Club website -
Email Felix if you are planning to ride with us, so he can keep you updated about what time we plan to start and where to meet.